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Re: EASTMAN 285 & Sony DXC-1820

Hi Mike,

>Perhaps i'm unfamiliar with the Pageant Unit, but the Eastman 285 is about 5
feet tall and weighs upwards of 250 pounds.  Was the pageant the same internals?
The 285 uses (3) vacuum tubes and has a Two Lamp rotating carousel (for
broadcast redundancy?)

It would appear that there is some model number confusion going on here, and I
am not as familiar with Kodak's entire line of projectors as I'd like to be.
The 285 Telecine Projector I'm referring to is a relatively compact machine not
much different than a portable school projector from the 1970s.

What you describe sounds like an Eastman 275, which was one of a series of big
film chain projectors that was made in the 1950's.  If it's one of those, it's a
very unusual machine with continuous film motion and an oscillating, rotating
mirror--a mechanical "flying spot."  It also had a diffuse light source, an idea
which Kodak dusted off and re-purposed in a slightly different context for the
Philips Spirit telecine.  Unfortunately, there is nothing from a Pageant
projector that can be used on one of these monsters.

>I am aiming at something far better than blurry murky and unnatural. I am not
so sure i will be limited that much, but then again, time will indeed tell.
Personally i am much more optimistic, but who knows!

Using a modern camera would certainly help, and I fully agree with my esteemed
colleague Robert Lund that it is better to put money into equipment that has a
future instead of a past.  I also have to say that if quality really matters,
you might want to reconsider the idea of having the material transferred on a
genuine telecine.  Not even the best HDTV cameras on the market today offer all
the range, sensitivity, or colorimetry of a relatively modest telecine suite.
The cost for a simple "best light" transfer of 45 minutes or so might be a lot
less than you'd think--this being the "quiet season" for most post production
houses, you might be able to get a really good rate.  If they put the material
on miniDV or DV, you could work with it on your PC at a reasonable quality level
without sinking a fortune into broadcast VTRs or overpriced analog video cards.

Good luck,
Christopher Bacon

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