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Re: A request to those posting to the new server.

On 2000-01-18 at 12:32, Jim Crowther (technical at teddington.co.uk) wrote:

> remember to include it, than for Rich to have to set it up.  (Unless
> someone out there knows different, of course :)

ahem, I know different in that we can do it on Rich's server, but it's
going to take a day or two to set it up -requires exim to replace
sendmail, procmail, and SmartList.  please note these are all *free*
programs, fantastically supported with many libraries of donated
features; exim in particular I believe is the best MTA out there, way
better than qmail.  Spam filtering galore, and redirection in any way
you want it.  With exim I was able to snare a particular imposter on
the TIG and have him receive phantom posts from the TIG that raised
his ire such that he couldn't help but give his identity away, at
which point I exposed him.  :] ah, the good old days...  anyway,
anyone who pays money for software to run on platforms other than Unix
is missing the greatest revolution in networking potential, namely,
Linux and Solaris-- for each of which there are thousands of
cutting-edge full-featured and constantly updated programs.  And it
almost always possible to speak directly with the author and other
supporters, should there be any problems.  Best of all, they're free.

as soon as I have some more time I'll work with Rich to implement some
of the original TIG's features, particularly the spam filtering.  A
note about this: please nobody consider putting the address
"tig at image-group.com" on the www, as spam address harvesters will have
a free-for-all, they love mailinglists.

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