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Lingelbachs, Schmitts, and LeVines, 1998 Lingelbachs of Port Washington, ca. 1959 Albert, Liz, Tinga, Sue, Rob, ca. 1955 Sue, Tinga, Rob, Mom, ca. 1957 Mom in the living room, ca. 1964
Mom at Beacon Hill Beach Mom and Aunt Mayme Mom ca. 1964 Mom at Beacon Hill Beach Dad and Rob at Beacon Hill Beach
Dad at Beacon Hill Beach Dad in the Living Room, ca. 1964 William E. Lingelbach (granddaddy) Al and Charity at her birthday, Feb. 21, 1998 Jenny, Rob, and Annie in Port, 1998
Hank, Al, and Rob at 2660 Hollyridge, wedding 1997 Rob, Donna, Liz and Tinga, United Nations, 1957 Tinga, Donna, and Rob, front lawn, Stratford Rd., 1965 Rob, Mom, Granddaddy, Liz, Sue, Tinga Rob on Beacon Hill Beach
Rob and Mom on the beach Rob and Tinga on the beach Rob in the sandbox more family fotos....

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